January 9

Leisure and Entertainment

  • Since we can’t go on working all the time, we should have leisure activities such as reading, practicing sport and doing artistic activities. In fact, having different pass time activities is necessary for a good mental and physical health. But some free time activities such as watching TV or listening to music may be just as bad as no activity.

  • Tasks like: Painting, drawing, writing, reading and making things and art craft are the real recreational activities that make us renew and refresh our energy.

  • Watching TV shouldn’t be called a leisure activity, I think it is not an activity, but rather an inactivity: you’re laying down relaxing and accepting tons of information and images and this can run for hours.

  • Adjective related to Leisure








  • Reasons for having a real  pass time activity:

Thanks to recreation you can:

Enjoy yourself

Renew your energy

Develop your talents

Make new relationships and contacts

Improve your skills

Create things and ideas

Be in good mental and physical health

Get ready for more work

Entertain yourself

These words can be used to talk about leisure.The are almost synonyms:


Free time activities

Leisure activities

Pass time activities

Recreational activities

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