May 18

Useful sites

Useful sites

Dear students,

Most of you certainly use the Internet for different objectives. While some of you simply chat and exchange messages with friends, others use it for entertainment. That is to say: downloading music, videos or documents.

But others, even if they are a few, use the Net for study purposes and research. For example they may revise their school subjects, do exercises or ask other people on line for help through forums and discussion groups.

In order to help you take advantage of the Net and use your free time beneficially ,Jaber English Club suggests the following sites for you to practise your English .We hope The material will useful especially at this time of the school year as exams come nearer.




4. (interesting for  all levels)


6. (advanced)

7. speak with people in English)

8. (good for  all levels)

9. (listening  to live English grammar through stories)

  1. 10. (miscellaneous)
  2. 11. (various tests and quizzes
  3. 12.

Useful resources to prepare for your exams

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